Tickets usually go on general pre-sale 4-6 weeks ahead of the game. 

Tickets are available exclusively in the RBL online shop.

If you are not yet registered, you can register with your RBLogin. Please make sure that you are then in the RBL online ticket shop.

If you already have a user account at, you may register with your RBLogin.
After your registration, select the desired match and then select the tickets/seats via the stadium seating plan.

If a game is sold out, you can check the ticket exchange, where fans resell their tickets if they are unable to attend a game.

When selecting your tickets, you can select the desired tariff on the right-hand side drop-down menu. If you have selected several tickets, you can select the individual tickets below via "Your selection" and adjust the tariffs accordingly.

After selecting the correct tariff, click "add to cart". Please note: once tickets have been added to the cart, you may no longer edit the tariff.

To complete the purchase, you must then agree to the terms and conditions and select your payment method.

The tickets appear in the RBL ticket app after the purchase. More information about the RBL ticket app can be found here.

We accept the following pament methods: credit cardPayPalinstant bank transfer and Klarna

The tickets appear in the RBL ticket app after the purchase.

More information about the RBL ticket app can be found here.

The page gives more information on registration within the app, sharing tickets and personalising tickets.

Tickets can be upgraded in the RBL online ticket shop in your RBLogin under "Exchange Tickets" from the start of the general pre-sale for the respective match. 

Tickets can also be upgraded on the day of the match from two hours before kick-off at the "Fanhaus" service point (Jahnalle) and at the service centre (stadium forecourt)..

Tickets can only be upgraded via card payment.

Downgrading tickets to a cheaper tariff is not possible.

Only the original purchaser can upgrade the tickets in advance via their RBLogin in the online ticket shop. If you have been forwarded the tickets, you can only upgrade your ticket at the stadium.

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Your RBL Ticket-App

Match tickets to games at the Red Bull Arena will be digital-only from now on and available in the new RBL Ticket app. You can find all information about the RBL ticket app here.

Your season ticket

As a season ticket holder, your regular season ticket seats are automatically booked for you. 
In addition, as a fan with a season ticket, you have the right of first refusal, which gives you the opportunity to purchase additional tickets before they go on sale.

A season ticket is a subscription that is automatically renewed.

If you wish to cancel your season ticket, you can do so using this form.

If you wish to transfer or edit your season ticket, you can do so at the appropriate stages at the end of the season. You will receive further information from us by e-mail at the appropriate time.


We recommend arriving early by public transport as there is no parking available in the immediate vicinity of the stadium.

Please also note possible parallel events in Leipzig (such as at the QUARTERBACK Immobilien ARENA), which may lead to increased traffic and visitor numbers.


All season and day tickets provide travel entitlement and serve as valid transport tickets for four hours before and four hours after the match across the MDV network.

     ➛ Arriving to the Red Bull Arena via bus or rail


As mentioned above, there are no direct parking facilities in the vicinity of the stadium.

We therefore recommend that you use the following park-and-ride areas. You can park and take the tram to the Red Bull Arena.

     ◦ Leipziger Messe
     ◦ Schönauer Ring
     ◦ Plovider Straße
     ◦ Lausen
     ◦ Völkerschlachtdenkmal

     ➛ Area surrounding the stadium (map) 

     ➛ Park & Ride

The stadium opens two hours before kick off.

There is a bicycle garage on the Festwiese where you can park your bike.
There are also several other bicycle parking locations around the stadium area.

Only cashless payment is accepted inside the Red Bull Arena.

No, bringing in your own food and drink is not permitted. 
The exception is the non-alcoholic original sealed "tetra pack" drinks (330ml) for a small child (0-6 years).

Stadium Tours

Yes, we offer stadium tours. Tickets can be purchased here.

Public tours are carried out in German. Individual tours can also be conducted in English. Please email for more information.

All tours begin at the main building (Nord) at the Red Bull Arena (Am Sportforum 3 04105 Leipzig). The main building (Nord) is located immediately to the right of the main stadium entrance.


The tours end at the fan store at the Stadionvorplatz (excepting on Sundays and bank holidays). 

Public tours are offered in German. Individual tours are also available in English. 

A maximum of 25 people can take part in a public tour. Our exclusive group tours can offer accommodations for any size group. 

We do not currently offer vouchers. 

Limited free parking is available at the fan shop at the Stadionvorplatz across from the Red Bull Arena. Access is available via the Friedrich-Ebert-Straße.

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Other Questions

Information for away fans visiting the Red Bull Arena can be found here.

If you don't have a mobile phone or if your mobile phone doesn't allow you to download the RBL ticket app, you can contact us at the Service Centre. 

Our staff at the Service Centre will find a solution for you. You can reach us via mail at or phone at +49 341 124 797 777.