• We recommend arriving early by public transport as there is no parking available in the immediate vicinity of the stadium.

    Please also note possible parallel events in Leipzig (such as at the QUARTERBACK Immobilien ARENA), which may lead to increased traffic and visitor numbers.


    All season and day tickets provide travel entitlement and serve as valid transport tickets for four hours before and four hours after the match across the MDV network.

         ➛ Arriving to the Red Bull Arena via bus or rail


  • As mentioned above, there are no direct parking facilities in the vicinity of the stadium.

    We therefore recommend that you use the following park-and-ride areas. You can park and take the tram to the Red Bull Arena.

         ◦ Leipziger Messe
         ◦ Schönauer Ring
         ◦ Plovider Straße
         ◦ Lausen
         ◦ Völkerschlachtdenkmal

         ➛ Area surrounding the stadium (map) 

         ➛ Park & Ride

  • The stadium opens two hours before kick off.

  • There is a bicycle garage on the Festwiese where you can park your bike.
    There are also several other bicycle parking locations around the stadium area.

  • Only cashless payment is accepted inside the Red Bull Arena.

  • No, bringing in your own food and drink is not permitted. 
    The exception is the non-alcoholic original sealed "tetra pack" drinks (330ml) for a small child (0-6 years).